Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Adolf CATholicAs if we were the third episode in a fresh new America’s Next Top Model season, guess what it was seriously time for? It’s been live for a few days now, but just to state the obvious, LGBA got a fun, new makeover — just in time for the beginning of the season of changes!

A couple of things you’ll notice are the new logo, updated “about” sections, and refreshed photos/links to my contact info. My hope is that it’s simpler, cleaner, and hopefully easier to navigate. I’m always open to feedback, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as you click around the updated site.

Another difference you may notice is that I’ve started to post more regularly. I think in this month alone, I’ve already posted more than the rest of this entire year! That statement is both exciting and pathetic. It ties back to my post a few days prior, but I’m attempting to make the commitment, once again, to post new content on a regular basis. In efforts to maintain this, I’ve come up with a few weekly series I want to try to maintain:

  • Me, me, me! Mondays — because in order to commit to a regular posting schedule, especially to begin the week on the right foot, I need to write about something easy. Something I love. Something that isn’t a nightmare to create new content for/about. What’s easier than talking about yourself (and perhaps the occasional selfie) to begin the week? I rest my case.
  • Lists + Loves — a typical Virgo female, I’m OCD to the core: efficient, obsessive, critical, analytical. There’s nothing on this planet that I’m better at than making lists. If I wrote better Espanol, “Listy Lunes” would be the perfect way to incorporate this feature; however, my senior year Spanish four class consisted of weekly parties of eating queso blanco and watching (not reading) El Principito in English with Spanish Subtitles… so making lists somewhere in the middle of the week [in English] with no real commitment or confusing verb conjugation works just as well.
  • Feminist Fridaysper my Wednesday post, over the past days, weeks, and months, I’ve been increasing my role in the feminist movement. Equality has always been something I’ve been passionate about, but as I enhance my views and deepen my vested interest in promoting equal pay, equal treatment, and just overall women’s empowerment in the workplace and beyond, I’d love to share my passion in this small corner of the world I’m caving out for myself on the inter webs.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I’m going to continually strive to keep humor and story-telling an active and engaging part of this blog. Entertaining and making people laugh is my single favorite pastime, and without attempting to maintain that basic level of quirkiness and candor I try to incorporate into each and every one of my posts, this thing would fall flat faster than peanut shells in a Texas Roadhouse.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Ideas? Try me. I’m wide open, people.


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