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Summer of ’13 Highlights

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Summer Collage

It got dark at 7:30pm last night, so I guess that means summer’s officially coming to a close. School’s back in session, Starbucks is actively painting the town pumpkin-spice, and even though the weather was in the 90’s yesterday, that “fall mentality” is starting to kick in. This summer was very challenging for me on a personal level but simultaneously quite rewarding. I spent most of my days (and too many nights) working in Westchester and fled the city at any chance I got. A trip to Siesta Key with my best friends from college, vacations to D.C., Phoenix and Tucson with wonderful people who I met through Nordstrom, and a birthday brunch surrounded by my some of favorite people in all of the five boroughs definitely top my list. The end of summer (and really, the start of football season) are always bittersweet in my book, but I’m beyond ready for all of the exciting adventures I’ll be having in the city this autumn!

Author: Mandy

Comedy Junkie/Media Enthusiast/Predestined Cat Lady. Working on my social skills.

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