Who dis?

Hi there. It’s me, Mandy!
Haaaaave we met? If not, this is me in a [strategically broken up] nutshell:

Content Creator | Partnership Purveyor | Event Evangelist

I won’t make this weird by writing in the third person. The bottom line is – for a living, I tell stories. Whether it’s through directly writing and editing copy, analyzing qualitative data to develop insight-driven marketing strategies, or pitching and producing custom ways for brands to seamlessly integrate together via media (digital/print/social) or events and experiences IRL, I live to create – creatively. Utilizing a whole-brain mentality, it IS possible to be both an ideas girl and a details girl. To be both analytical AND creative. To excel at both math AND art. It’s more than what I do; it’s who I am. I live at the corner of logic and intuition, and it’s very nice to meet you.

Midwesterner-turned-New Yorker-turned-back-Midwesterner | News Nerd | Feminist | Television Addict | Comedy Student | Black Coffee Connoisseur

Lately, I’ve been spending my free time volunteering with the Junior League of Chicago, acquainting myself with Chicagoland, and forgetting to brush my hair. I get by with a little night cheese from my friends.