Ten Days

When counting, ten is the number that comes after nine. Also, it precedes the number eleven. Many things come in groups of tens. Here’s a list:

  1. Fingers
  2. Commandments
  3. Bowling pins
  4. Lords-a-leaping
  5. Friends seasons
  6. Punches in a Metro North pass
  7. Numbers in a phone number
  8. The number of days in which it takes to lose a guy
  9. The number of things in which you are allowed to hate about a person
  10. The number of days I have worked in a row these past two weeks.

Oh, you caught that last one? Yes, I do believe I’ve earned bragging rights for surviving. I already told my co-workers I’m expecting banners, a cake and a pony when I get into work today, so I’m really looking forward to all of those expectations being met. Regardless, the next few days snuggled up in my bed with hot cider and my DVR are going to be glorious beyond measure.

P.S. Ten Days is also a hauntingly beautiful song by Missy Higgins. Here it is for your listening (maybe not so much viewing) pleasure:

Happy Wednesday! You’ve survived thus far too :)


Urban Hipster Style

Soooo I start a new job today! It’s basically a glorified version of my old job, only for a new brand targeting a youthful, hip demographic. I’m so lucky and excited to be doing a job I enjoy, with some kick-ass people, in the city I love. Here’s a Polyvore (I’m a little obsessed) showcasing some of the looks I’m hoping to rock in my first few weeks, now that wearing jeans and fashionable pieces is not permissible, but encouraged.

Urban Hipster

A Summer in New Rochelle

As I’ve mentioned only a million times prior, I spent the better part of the past four months in Southeast Westchester. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs there (not enough lunch options, I tell you), but overall, I’m glad I was able to spend a significant potion of my summer outside of New York City. From the gorgeous views of the Long Island Sound, to having a coffee shop that knows my name and order when I walk through the door, I’ll definitely miss this weird little city and all of the adventures it brought me. Thanks for an unexpectedly good time, New Rochelle.
New Roc 3New Roc 2