Baby, [Facebook Told Me] It’s Cold Outside

Wait, wait, wait. Is it could outside guys? IS IT? Don’t you just hate when you make an internet joke and people don’t sense the sarcasm? Facebook is simultaneously the worst and best social media website that exists. But guess what? Little Girl & the Big Apple finally has a page! So if you haven’t already, please hop on over and “like” away :)

While the rest of the planet the Midwest has been snowed in and frozen solid, I’ve put in just under 40 hours of work in four days. Over the weekend. And I got the pleasure making my first ever phone call to 911 this past Saturday! Being a Rescue 911 fanatic as a child, actually getting to live out a panicked situation was equal parts thrilling and stressful  absolutely terrifying. I won’t go into the details, but much to my delight, the situation was quickly resolved and no one was hurt. Still — insanity.

It’s allegedly going to be in the single digits in New York today, so I’ll keep you guys posted if I feel compelled to post my feelings about it on social media every other second. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll live tweet an hour of my day dedicated entirely to the weather? That seems to be what people want to hear about these days. Sarcasm aside, stay warm, friends.