Belated MLK Day

I hate the excuse of “I’ve been busy” because everybody’s busy. But this past week I have been busy…and sick and in a strange headspace, so I apologize for the sporadic nature of posting. I realize that I completely skipped over Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past Monday, which is important, so I wanted to include some of his brilliant ideas and sayings this Friday in the usual Feminist Friday spot. My activism for feminism is rooted in the belief of equality, which is the principal for what Mr. King fought so passionately. So without further ado, the best of Pinterest quotes:








New Yorkers Say the Darndest Things

in conversation 2

“Did you hear that guy? How do you think he knew I was Catholic”

“Probably your sweater.”


“Ugh do you know where the convent house is? I’m running late.”

“Do you mean the…Covenant house? Because if you’re looking for the convent you may be on the wrong side of town.”


“Am I going to call in to work on my day off? Seriously? I have more important things going on in my life. Like I need to figure out what’s going on with Walt and Jesse.”


“It’s not mean if you don’t say it to their face.”


“Ugh, I didn’t get that email. Maybe it went to my junk [mailbox]…”

“Speaking of Mandy’s junk, have you seen this picture!?”


“Why do ‘some’ girls take so long to get ready? I’m not saying you, because look at you. But why do others?”


“If you’re going to break the rules, break all the rules”