Mid-Year Travel Recap

Though the year has already a fair share of ups and downs, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to do a bit of traveling in 2017. I visited Las Vegas and Mexico for work, and Los Angeles and Ohio for play. I have a few more trips on deck for this year – including my biggest/furthest away trip to date – that I’m really looking forward to as well. Leave it to the one year I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to travel more that I actually travel more. I digress…

Here are my 2017 travel superlatives to date:

  • Location with the brightest lights: Vegas
  • My favorite trip/city: long weekend in Venice/Santa Monica
  • Most impromptu weekend: home to Ohio
  • Hottest work escapade: 8 days in Cancun

Home for the Holidays [a Non-Recap]

I went to my birthstate of Ohio for Christmas, and it was lovely. While I wish I had a hilariously long and witty event-filled recap for you, that wouldn’t be paying proper homage to my hometown. But full disclosure: doing a whole lot of nothing for six days was exactly what I needed. I was able to spend some quality time with all of the friends and family I wanted to see, and to me, that’s what home is. Well, that and Wal-Mart people-watching, Bob Evans’ breakfasts and $5 movies at the 11% occupied “mall.” I unfortunately wasn’t able to get any good family pictures this time around, which is seriously depressing because my mom’s Facebook default is from the stage of my life when an old manager informed me I had the hairstyle of an Orthodox Jew. But I suppose that’s just another reason for them (my parents, not Jewish women) to come and visit me in old New York!

Harding MemorialJonEmJaredHarding Memorial 2GraveyardSteph Jordan Me

Happy Christmas Eve!

Rock TreeHappy nondenominational holiday eve to all! Just kidding, Christians only. Today, I embark on my week “vacation” to Ohio. I’ll likely be taking the rest of the week off blogging to celebrate the holiday and catch up with friends and family; I will allegedly resume normal posting duties on Monday the 30th. Try not to miss me too much. And you guys, amidst all the crazy, please don’t forget the real meaning of ChristMAS: the “más” which means “more” in Spanish. More presents, more food, more wine. :) But really, I hope Santa’s good to all of you Beliebers out there! Xo.

Columbus Day Blues

Happy Columbus Day! While many believe today’s holiday is for celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, I know the true meaning: to commemorate the great city that is Columbus, Ohio. ;)

Although I didn’t exactly grow up in C-bus, my small hometown was a little under an hour away, so when describing where I’m from, it’s usually my default answer. Once my friends and I were of age to drive, we jetted South as often as we could and spent many weekends and summers in various Columbus neighborhoods, to add some kind of urban flair to our lives. To show my respect for the great capital of the Buckeye State, I’m going to make a list of the things I miss most about my almost home-city, Columbus.

  1. Easton Town Center. Especially around the holidays. I loved it even when I worked there :)
  2. Gallery Hopping in the Short North
  3. Shakespeare in Schiller Park
  4. Bento Go Go. (Cheap and amazing sushi which allegedly and sadly is no more.) I really just miss it because my friends and I posed in pictures like this there:
Bangs were a bad life choice.
Bangs were a bad life decision.

5.  Jeni’s. How do I get my hands on some Cinderella Pumpkin ice cream, stat?
6.  OSU Football. Duh.
7.  Comfest: the best hippie festival in the state.
8.  The Columbus Zoo
9.  North Market
10.  And because I’m a huge cheese-ball, the last but certainly not least thing on my list is all of my family and friends who live there. I’m definitely feeling more homesick than normal for central Ohio today. :(

Throwback Thursday

As per Monday’s post, I’ve been in training for my new job in the city this week. I’m having a great time, learning a ton and the hours are absolute BLISS; but emotionally/mentally/physically, I’m a little drained. So I’m going to lazily revert to the Instagram’s most prevalent default series for the fourth day of the workweek: Throwback Thursday.

The seasonal chill to the air has got me missing Ohio (and porch weather…and my alma mater UD) more than usual. Here’s a throwback picture of a few of my favorite people, at one of the greatest places in the world, a few (maybe more than a few) years ago. How I long for a chance to relive one of these summer adventures with these amazing girls whom I’ve known since childhood. *Cue the intro to Kenny Chesney’s “I Go Back”*

UD - Steph and Jord

Regardless if our paths will ever allow us to be as crazy and infallible as we were that summer, I’m so thankful that you both still have such an active presence in my life. If two decades and three states can’t break up our friendship, I’m thinking we’re in this thing for life. Miss you both to the moon (or ya know, to Cle and Indy) and back.

New: Hair, House and Parks and Rec

Well, hey there! I finally have rejoined the blogging world. Sorry about the last post semi-troubling, ultra-confusing time where I clumped a lot of words together and threw them at you. Saying that I was in the midst of a premature quarter life crisis would be putting it lightly. So I took some time off, went to Ohio, assessed and overanalyzed a lot of things, and came back to New York with a new haircut, a working phone and the most optimistic outlook on life I’ve had since 1994, when jamming to the Spice Girls solved all of my problems. (Note: Jamming to the Spice Girls still solves 98% of my problems.)

Hair is new, stupid awkward facial expressions are the same as ever

So anyways, outside of the physical appearances, some other things have changed too. Namely, I’ve been officially sorted into the Slytherin house. Back in 2006, I was sorted by the “official sorting hat” they used in the movie into Hufflepuff, but a l’ve changed a lot in the past seven years, so it doesn’t surprise me that my new sorting via Pottermore turned out differently. Although a genuine surprise at first, I later read that Slytherin houses ambitious, loyal leaders–so sure,why not? I also kind of like that it’s associated with dark wizardry (read: that’s hot). AND I get to live in a dungeon (read: swag). AND our color is green (read: I look badass in green). So overall, it makes sense. Gryffindor, you are going down!

In other news, Parks and Recreation was new on Thursday night! I literally laughed out loud multiple times per minute. The writing on that show is dead-on, and if you have never seen it, you must hate everything good in life. There are three things in this world I would happily endorse basically take a bullet for: the Parks and Recreation show (not to be confused with the actual Parks and Recreation department), 8tracks.com, and the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. I’ve actually never used the juicer, but I’ve heard really great things (from the infomercial I’m watching). Anyways, if you do one thing today besides eat, pee and read this post, it should be to watch Parks and Recreation. DO IT NOW.

Outside of my hair, Hogwarts house change and the Parks and Recreation episode, I don’t have too much new  to report on. That also might have something to do with the fact it’s four in the morning, and I have been working every second since returning from my “vacation” home. More updates to come soon, but for now, my bed needs me. Goodnight!