[Art] is All Over

I apologize in advance for the NY posts on West Chelsea that are to come in the next few months. There may or may not be an excessive amount, and this post will serve as my one and only forewarning/apology. Moving on.

Last week, my friend and I hit up the Affordable Art Fair. This display showcased exhibitors from all around the world and specifically highlighted pieces under $1000. Although a $850 painting is still pretty steep for my wallet at the moment, there were some cool pieces, and the crowd was excellent for people-watching. I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back to this in future seasons, especially if I’m looking for a unique piece of art and have a few extra G’s to spare.

Affordable Art Fair 1bAffordable Art Fair 2b Affordable Art Fair 3b

Affordable Art Fair


A Summer in New Rochelle

As I’ve mentioned only a million times prior, I spent the better part of the past four months in Southeast Westchester. I’ve definitely had my ups and downs there (not enough lunch options, I tell you), but overall, I’m glad I was able to spend a significant potion of my summer outside of New York City. From the gorgeous views of the Long Island Sound, to having a coffee shop that knows my name and order when I walk through the door, I’ll definitely miss this weird little city and all of the adventures it brought me. Thanks for an unexpectedly good time, New Rochelle.
New Roc 3New Roc 2