Another one.

The start of another year always makes for a nice touch-base on the blog. It’s no coincidence that the past two weeks I’ve been “vacationing” in the midwest so I’ve had ample time to reflect back on the previous 12 months and rekindle my flame for writing. Let’s call it a temporary resurgence while I wind myself back into the norm of juggling the everyday chaos city-life loves to provide.


Looking back on 2015’s top-of-the-year post, last year’s supposed mantra was adventure. That didn’t really pan out the way I thought it would. I think a more appropriate theme would have been personal growth, and overall, I am at peace with how it and I evolved throughout the given 12 months.

In 2015 I…

  • Made a conscious effort to work out more often and eat cleaner.
  • Saw some kickass theatre.
  • Saw some kickass comedy.
  • Had three job interviews with the company of my dreams. After the first interview went poorly [for a position I was ultimately not offered], I drank a good amount of Jameson Black Barrel and was sure I forever lost my chance to get a foot in the door. Two months later, I started working for said company in a department and position which much better aligned with my long-term career goals.
  • Dealt with a thing over the summer that was awful and painful and taught me yet another life lesson about letting go.
  • Spent a relaxing long weekend in LA and a chaotic long weekend in DC .
  • Watched five of my closest friends marry their soul mates at five beautiful weddings.
  • Decided I’m content not being married right now.
  • Traveled to Ohio seven times in five months.
  • Saw one of my favorite musicians live, for the first time. Also, another first, attended a concert by myself.
  • Hiked a mountain in the Hudson Valley and climbed a ski slope in Stratton, Vermont.
  • Cooked and ate vegan food on Thanksgiving.
  • Got glasses.
  • Finally saw Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together in person.
  • Made my first business trip to Miami.
  • Won my fantasy football league championship. (#humblebrag)
  • Spent time with aunts, uncles, and cousins I rarely get to see over the holidays.
  • Danced myself into 2016 with my closest friends.

2015 was a year I said Yes more. It was a year I took chances. I told people how I felt, spent a lot of money on things and trips that felt right to me and realized I don’t regret any time I put myself out there. 2015 was good to me — I’d say I’m lucky, but these days I feel pretty confident that we create our own karma, happiness, success, or what have you.


I sense that 2016 will be amazing and tough. I have a lot of work to do professionally, and I’ve set some high goals for myself on a personal level. I anticipate more reading, writing, music, travel and work. I look forward to another challenging year of saying Yes, focusing on wellness, and keeping in better touch with my friends and family. Aside of maintaining all of that, here are a few additional personal (and random) resolutions I’ve set:

  1. Teach myself to play guitar.
  2. Learn conversational Spanish.
  3. Join a book club.
  4. Travel to the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve already sunk my teeth into some of these and am very much looking forward to tackling 2016 head-on. What are you planning to take on in 2016? Any resolutions as out there as mine?

Let’s conquer the world this year. Anyone with me?



2012 Resolutions

Okay, I lied. After having some time to think about this I have decided I would like to publicly document my goals for year, as we all know goal-setting should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Timely– thanks, UD!). Here goes:

1. Professional Goal: Get a promotion in my field. I have worked retail since I was 16, have management training with the company I want to work for and have plenty of business/leadership experience. If I don’t earn a promotion this year, it will be because I haven’t been proactive/aggressive enough–which totally falls on me.

2. Professional Goal #2: Start freelancing/figure out how to freelance. I think my mini-goals that fall under this category are to really build up my portfolio/this blog, network like crazy, and take some classes. All things I have in the works, so we’re off to a good start here!

3. Fitness Goal: Work on abs. Just work the ish out of my abs this year. Everything else I am content with, but abs is where I get lazy. No more laziness and flabby stomach in 2012.

4. Educational Goal: Read the news every day. Stay current on current events. Broaden my range of “scholarly sources” (i.e. Perez Hilton is great for pop culture, but not the most accurate or objective for politics or global news).

5. Personal Goal: Find a church in the city. Which, believe it or not, requires both researching and actually going to mass.

6. Personal Goal #2: Figure out what I want my next tattoo to say and get said tattoo. I have ideas floating around, but want to settle on something sooner rather than later. The location and font are both perfect, I just need the ideal word to put there.

I think that having them both in writing (well, in typing) and  saving them to a location that will be easy to locate on NYE 2012/13, is smart. That way, they will be easy to check up on and document progression in 12 months from now. SO MUCH can happen in a year, and I think setting SMART goals can really help you optimize whatever it is you want to achieve. Cheers!

I Just Came to Say Hello

Hello and welcome! Not only to the beginning of my blog, but also to the year 2012. I elected to spend my first New Years Eve in New York, at home in my little Harlem apartment, reflecting on 2011 and making some goals for 2012. I sincerely hope the rest of my blog isn’t this lame. ;)

2011 was a big one: I graduated college, strengthened old friendships, traveled to New York/Daytona Beach/LA, had a very Ohio summer with a best friend, was asked to be a bridesmaid in another best friend’s wedding, survived a hurricane, got a lot closer with my parents, and moved to NYC. However, I also lost my brother to a long fight with cancer, in a big way lost my sister, and have already lost touch with many people from Ohio due to the simple yet impossible issues of space and time.

I have set many, many goals for 2012, and while I won’t go deep into detail about them all–most are career related to some degree or another. I think moving to New York was the first step of many in figuring out what I want out of life, and now is time for me to start really utilizing everything this city has to offer. I firmly believe that no other city in the world offers as much opportunity than here in the Big Apple, and to not take total advantage of it is a mistake I don’t want to make.

As stated in the “About” section, I intend to use this blog to showcase all of the fun opportunities and interesting musings I find on my new life in the city. In the beginning hours of the year, I can say I am optimistic about what is in store. Happy New Year, everyone!