Lists, Links & Loves

lists loves and links smallerHow is 2014 treating you so far?! Today is my third (fourth?) day feeling like total crap PLUS I woke up this morning without being able to turn my neck to the left. Two seasons of Girls and an order of banana pancakes later, I’m still missing the full range of motion my neck once provided, but I guess I’m not dead yet (thanks, Advil!). Anyways, here’s what my half-mobile self was able to summon on the inter-webs for this week’s installment of Lists, Loves and Links!



Lazy Links Wednesday

lists loves and links smallerBlerg, it’s late — here’s just a few links to wrap up your Wednesday:

Something better in store for tomorrow. Promise.

Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smallerLinks, links, links!

  • Are selfies art? Apparently, they will be one day.
  • Then and now, cast reunions from select TV series’. Did you favorite show make the list?
  • While I can’t relate to everything on this list, acting ladylike is a definite stretch for me some days.
  • Speaking of ladies, these are some pretty upsetting screenshots showing how prevalent sexism is in our culture, worldwide.
  • And lastly, because pop culture is fun, here are some low-key celeb couples you may not know are dating. I obviously knew about Nick Kroll + Amy because we’re besties, but just incase you didn’t… ;)

Cat Themed (!) Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smaller

If you know me in real life, you know there are few things I love more than cats. I 100% classify myself as a “cat person” and am okay with whatever inevitable form of backlash that’s will ensue from any readers who didn’t know. In lieu of yesterday’s more serious post, here’s some fun, nonsensical cat stuff which further speaks to my point that they’re awesome:

  1. Most people don’t realize the very reason a lot of people dislike cats, is the same reason why us cat people like them.
  2. Cat friend vs. dog friend. An oldie, but a goodie.
  3. Are internet famous cats ACTUALLY better than real cats? In GIFs, maybe.
  4. I guess cats that live at the library are a thing.
  5. Who wants an awesome cat shirt?
  6. What about cat stud earrings? Anyone? Just me, then?
  7. Yes; someone, somewhere IS searching for the Next “It” Cat. Of course.
  8. And for good measure, here’s my cat being the female version of a hustla:

Patches princess 2

Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smallerWelcome to my very first “Lists, loves and links”! For my foremost post in this series, I’m going to create a list of links I’ve been loving this week. (You see what I did there?)

  • If you’re anything like me and live in a pop-culture retardant hole (Nope? No one? K.), but the at the very last-minute you care more than anything about a TV show that’s been for five seasons and has two episodes left to air, I guess you should read this. [Aka the writer’s break down Sunday’s CRAZY episode of Breaking Bad. SPOILERS INCLUDED, obviously]
  • New Yorkers are nothing if they’re not short-tempered. Each and everything on this list, I curse at almost daily. AND I’ve only been living here two years and currently spend most of my time in Westchester. So yes, I’d say this is accurate.
  • In honor of my girl Amy’s birthday this past Monday, here are 21 ways I (and maybe you!) are exactly like Leslie Knope! (P.S. ONE WEEK, Parks fans!)
  • With autumn making its official debut this Sunday, nothing better to welcome the season than with some cute, new booties! I’m not crazy about them all, but the McQueen two-toned ankles on slide seven? I diiiie.
  • In a bit more serious fashion, here’s an interesting article on the strikingly high likelihood of NYC runaways turning to prostitution to help get them off the streets. The organization I volunteer at is mentioned, and it just goes to further document the need these girls have for life skills workshops and mentoring that we do there.
  • Lastly, I made a polyvore. Follow or friend or like me. If you want. Or whatever.