Sexual Sunday: Boys on TV

I know my loyal readership has been missing the sex out of my Sexual Sunday posts, so in the words of the greatest boy band to come out of the 90’s, “Oh my God, we’re back again!” And back we are.

So, for the next few Sundays, I plan to blog about the most sexual people on tv. This week’s installment focuses on the opposite sex (from me): men. Next week will be women, and then after that maybe cats or lamps or whatever. In my humble and entirely biased opinion, I present to you the top 5 most sexual men on tv shows that I would enjoy having a one night stand with talking to and stuff (emphasis on the stuff):

5. Dan Humphrey of Gossip Girl: As embarrassing as it is to admit I still follow this show, I am anything but ashamed to admit I have the hotts (yes, two t’s are needed) for Penn Badgley. Boy got ripped out of nowhere, and it doesn’t hurt that his character has now risen from the his lonelyboyBrooklyntrasharstyways to dating the Queen of the Upper East Side! ‘Cause popular boyz, like totally rule.


4. Sam Bennett of Private Practice: Full Disclosure– I had to google Taye Digg’s character name in Private Practice for this one. I’ve seen a few episodes back in 2007, but really just think Taye is damn sexy and wanted him on this list. Fair? I vote fair.


3. Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds: I dare any female that is into males to watch an episode of Criminal Minds and not completely stop breathing each and every time Morgan (aka Shemar Moore) beats up an unsub. Or does solves a crime. Or does something else (anything else!) in a badass, sexy manner.


2. Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation: Played by Nick Offerman, the character of Ron is a real man’s man. He likes hunting, meat of all kinds and despises the government (for which he works). To lady folk, he’s like the sexy Bermuda Triangle: a point where the carnivorous hunter, ironic moustached government employee and sexual deviant meet and swallow you whole.


1. Marshall Eriksen of HIMYM: Because in my book, Jason Segel wins every time. He could be playing his character in Jeff, Who Lives and Home and would still be at the top of my list. Sorry ’bout it, but he’s sort of my soul mate.


Fashionable Friday: People’s Choice Awards

TGIFF! I’m excited to kick off the first ever Fashionable Friday post covering an event as exciting as the 2012 People’s Choice Awards! However, I was once again dismayed with the choices of most of the attending parties. By perusing through the red carpet pictures of the night (as I was unable to watch the show live on the 12th), I have narrowed down my favorites of the evening to a few categories:

Best Dressed of the Evening: Miley Cyrus in David Koma

Photo: Christopher Polk

I never thought I would say this, but Miley Cyrus looked amazing on Wednesday night! I think its safe to say she surprised us all by classing it up in a very mature David Koma dress. I love that she brought out the slight color detailing in the hemline by pairing it with metallic pink Jimmy Choos.


Best Kaley Cuoco Hosting Outfit: Naeem Khan

Photo: Christ Pizzello/Associated Press

Allegedly (I didn’t count), Kaley wore 27 dresses in total while hosting the awards show. My favorite look of Kaley’s was her red Naeem Khan bubble dress. While its nothing overly fashion-forward or surprising, its fun and flirty and a cute dress to open the show with.


Favorite Members of the Best Show Ever Regardless of Their Attire: HIMYM

Photo: Getty Images

How I Met Your Mother stars Alyson Hannigan (a very pregnant Alyson, I might add), Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and the love of my life and future husband Jason Segel featuring a very sexy beard. I’m not sure what any of them are wearing because I can’t remove my eyes from Jason. Hot dammmnnn with the beard. I digress…


Favorite Shocking Outfit of the Night: Emma Stone in Gucci

Photo: Christopher Polk

Emma dons a Gucci tuxedo. Surprising move, but I think it works for her. This look just shows that boy-inspired apparel never goes out of style, even for a formal event.


Worst of the Worst Dressed: Jennifer Lawrence in Victor & Rolf

Photo: Matt Sayles/Associated Press

While there were a lot of not great ensembles at the People’s Choice Award (probably most), I think Jennifer Lawrence wearing Victor & Rolf’s dress of fishnets and royal blue swirls won me over as the worst dressed of the night. I was just confused as to if she was going to an awards show or Comic-Con? Either way, I wasn’t feeling it.

Did anybody else really love and/or hate any outfits from the evening? Anything super obvious I missed?