You Can’t Make Everyone Happy: The Series Finale Theme Song

And also the theme song of life? I just accidentally typed “lice” instead of life, which I guess is another word in which “You can’t make everyone happy” also describes. But I digress…

Series finales are hard, ya’ll. Even Friends‘ series finale left me wanting more. Back in 2004, I was convinced that a new opener (i.e. a fountain shoot theme song), Joey moving in with Chandler and Mon, and Ross/Rachel/Emma taking over ‘the apartment’ would have been more fitting that the weird, yet piercingly sad shot of the abandoned keys and an empty set that we were left with. Also in a most disappointing manner, The O.C.‘s series finale left us with a dead Marissa Cooper in the arms of her beloved soul mate Ryan Atwood. There have been reports that some delusional Seth/Summer shippers have created an entire fourth season that ends with a high school graduation and Ryan being destined to some other, awful, obsessive-compulsive less-pretty Californian named Taylor, but that’s obviously nothing but fan-fiction in it’s most serious degree.

In hindsight it seems that the finales that gave us less, have left us happier — or maybe just have given us what we never knew we wanted. The Freaks and Geeks‘ series ending left a few strings untied, with our protagonist Lindsay Weir rather aimlessly wandering onto a Grateful Dead tour bus, away from the constraints of her perfect family. Breaking Bad‘s final delivery of perfection also left our imperfect wildly hated principal character (Walter White) concluding that his true love, all this time, was the power, the glory, and when it boiled down to it, the meth. And two decades prior, a sitcom that couldn’t be more its opposite, paralleled that exact ending. The Cheers‘ series finale left Sam Malone alone, with nothing but his feelings — not for one of his main girls, Diane or Rebecca — but for his one true love, the bar.

In last night’s particular [HIMYM] scenario, I guess I’m siding with Vanity Fair? I am one, according to the internet trolls, amongst a small handful of people who were 100% into the How I Met Your Mother series finale. *SPOILER ALERT* It tied up all the loose ends. It made Ted and The Mother’s (calling her Tracy feels slimy to me – can’t get on board with it yet – I feel like it’s too new) genuine adoration/love for each other feel real and relatable. The Mother gets sick — that’s life. Robin and Barney divorce — that’s life (and also hella predictable). Some couples have maniacal fights, but stick together and are in it for the long haul — that’s life too. The question I have to ask to all the haters: do you guys know what being in relationships is like? Being human? Growing and changing and a lot of times repeating the same cycle of decisions? Because honestly, kids, that IS life. That’s what we do. I thought everything ended tightly and as right as it could be for the characters. It’s a sitcom, what more do you want? It was a happy ending for all, which while nice for a sitcom series finale, doesn’t always maintain in actual life, BUT it was also realistic and within the normal reality of the characters we’ve all grown to know and love. Ted DID let Robin go and do his thing with our girl Trace (nope, still can’t). It was cute and nice and then she died (again, sometimes that’s life), so he tracks down his old fling almost decade-long sweetheart. It doesn’t imply a happy ending for the two of them nor does it discount the very real and wonderful relationship he shared with The Mother. It’s just a cyclical decision in the course of his life. Classic Schmosby. I can’t defend it any longer, because it was an impeccably well-written, and not to mention well-acted and well-executed by all parties involved (IMO). It seemed very real to me. Not perfect, but real, which while that pissed off many others, I found perfectly endearing and completely relatable. I’m sure Bays and Thomas are regular leisure readers of my sad, poorly edited blog, so I must give out personal mad props to you and your writing staff, for what me and at least three others out there think, was a job well done. Thanks for nine seasons of awesome television. P.S. When is it too early to start rewatching from season one?HIMYM Finale


The Best Dads on TV According to Myself

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Because I hardly have a social life and watch way too much television, I thought it was only appropriate to do a “Best of the TV Dads” post for this wonderful holiday celebrating manhood and bestowing manhood upon to others. *DiScLaImEr: I do watch a lot of TV…like, a lot, but I also haven’t watched every show that has ever existed, so if your favorite fatherly figure doesn’t appear on this list, sorry! But…I’m probably also not sorry, because if your favorite dad is from Glee or some weird 1950’s drama, you don’t know me well enough and shouldn’t be reading this to begin with. Kidding. Sort of.

Annnnd I present to you, My Very Unofficial/Totally Biased List of the Top Ten Dads of TV:


10) Marshall Erikson, How I Met Your Mother. Soooo, in all honesty, I had nine names and needed to make an even ten. I can’t rightly argue that Marshall is deserving to be on this list… but he could! *Lawyered* Thus, deserving of the 10th spot. All in favor of little Marvin gaining more airtime? Here, here; case dismissed!

The OC

9) Sandy Cohen; The OC. Sure, Sandy may not top every (okay, any other) “Best TV Dads” list out there, but he takes in orphans, will fight for his family in a court of law and I MEAN SERIOUSLY, is the father to the great Seth Cohen. How could anyone resist having a bagel and schmear with this guy?


8) Dan Conner; Roseanne. Dan is the epitome of an laid-back, blue-collar guy who pounds the pavement each and every day to provide his family with as much lunchmeat as he can. And just when you get to thinking that Dan takes too much slack from his domineering wife and stubborn children, you realize that Dan gives it just as much as he can take it. His witty sense of humor and the fact he would sacrifice anything for his family, makes him in a league of his own.

Arrested Development

7) Michael Bluth; Arrested Development (Seasons 1 – 3). I hate to be the one to bring it up, but can we all just admit that season four was a huge mistake? In previous seasons, Michael was the one who could hold it together, who was very perceptive of reality and who would have done anything to protect George Michael. Season four Michael Bluth is a loose seal undeserving of a the title, “Dad”.

Home Improvement

6) Tim Taylor; Home Improvement. Part of me either has some weird, Midwest homage to Tim the Tool Man Taylor, or maybe deep-down I just love a man’s man. Regardless, Tim’s affection for tools and cars pales in comparison to his love of Jill and the boys.

Criminal Minds

5) Aaron Hotchner; Criminal Minds. For serving such an important role in the FBI, Hotch makes as much time for little Jack as he possibly can, after his mother’s untimely death. In my mind, Hotch is a much overlooked father-figure and not to mention easy on the eyes.

Parenthood - Season 4

4) All Parenthood Dads: Adam, Crosby, Joel, and even Zeek. The show is literally about being parents, so although each man has their imperfections and character flaws, they usually shine through by the end of the episode (or arch). My personal favorites are Crosby and Joel, but each father-figure in this series deserves a sporty pat on the back.

The Cosby Show

3) Cliff Huxtable; The Cosby Show. “I brought you kids into this world, and I can take you out!” When you think of an iconic TV dad, you can’t help but think of Bill Cosby, who brought to life this character I firmly believe is the closest thing to a perfect parent any person (fictional or otherwise) could ever have.

Modern Family

2) Phil Dunphy; Modern Family. LOL: Laugh out loud. OMG: oh my God. WTF: why the face? Phil’s-ophy. Need I say more?

full house

1) Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis; Full House. To be fair, this is a loaded situation: three dads are always better than one…especially when you have the ultimate triple threat of protective, goofy and a little happy-go-lucky with their kids. I couldn’t attest to this three-point attack of raising children in real life, but if any child I birth comes out as good as any one of those Tanner girls, the three dad approach may be work investigating.

Did I miss any TV dads you would have included? Happy Father’s Day to all of the real dads/father-figures out there!