I’m Sick of Discussing the Weather so I’ll Blog about it Instead

I hope all of you 9-to-5ers spent your Presidents’ Day (the extra day off you just had) the right way: day-drinking thinking about our country’s fine leaders. Like always, I spent my weekend working and avoiding any and all possible contact with the outside world. In case you haven’t read any newspapers, turned on a television, peered out a window (much less exited your home) or talked to any other human in the past 3 months, IT’S COLD OUT THERE FOLKS. Here are some supporting images. Also, this is the only weather-related post that I’ll likely ever do (never say never), but I’m so done experiencing/discussing the season’s snowfall and record-breaking windchill or whatever with strangers day in and day out. Let spring be sprung already. If for no other reason, I need some new smalltalk M.O.

Snow Away^This is a pun on the phrase “Go Away” but directed toward the snow. Not to be confused with harboring encouragement for the snow to continue falling and thus tormenting us.

Steve Martin Tweets Weather Weather Talk Weather Map 101714But really, ^^^^ looks like a band of giant clowns threw up all over the Northeast. CAN WE BE DONE WITH THIS YET?


Baby, [Facebook Told Me] It’s Cold Outside

Wait, wait, wait. Is it could outside guys? IS IT? Don’t you just hate when you make an internet joke and people don’t sense the sarcasm? Facebook is simultaneously the worst and best social media website that exists. But guess what? Little Girl & the Big Apple finally has a page! So if you haven’t already, please hop on over and “like” away :)

While the rest of the planet the Midwest has been snowed in and frozen solid, I’ve put in just under 40 hours of work in four days. Over the weekend. And I got the pleasure making my first ever phone call to 911 this past Saturday! Being a Rescue 911 fanatic as a child, actually getting to live out a panicked situation was equal parts thrilling and stressful  absolutely terrifying. I won’t go into the details, but much to my delight, the situation was quickly resolved and no one was hurt. Still — insanity.

It’s allegedly going to be in the single digits in New York today, so I’ll keep you guys posted if I feel compelled to post my feelings about it on social media every other second. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll live tweet an hour of my day dedicated entirely to the weather? That seems to be what people want to hear about these days. Sarcasm aside, stay warm, friends.

Christmastime is [almost, but not really] Here

It’s already snowed in Ohio and flurries are in the forecast for NYC last night/today. Although it isn’t officially winter yet, it’s Christmas season in my mind. Yes, I’m one of those girls who starts listening to Christmas music in October. No, I won’t apologize. I’m even more psyched that I’m going to be able to make an Ohio trip happen for the holidays this year — something that I didn’t foresee to be in the cards. Due to all of this seasonal excitement, I crafted a Polyvore featuring a few of my seasonal favorites I’m already delving into! I’d say I lose my self-control around the holidays, but if I’m being honest, I never had much of that to begin with. Forty-three days until Christmas (!!!), but I mean who’s counting?Elf Christmas Cheer