10 Things About Me

These lists that are going around Facebook are the third most annoying thing I’ve seen in while — only after  “things I’m thankful for” posts and Crossfit check-ins. The first rule of cross fit should be you don’t talk about Crossfit, amIright?!

Anywho, I don’t have anything to write today and since it’s literally the eleventh hour, I’ve decided to succumb to the nonsense. My apologies, followers. I hate myself a little more now too. Without further self-deprecating ado, here are ten stupid facts about myself:

  1. I like bacon. (You knew that)
  2. I like cats. (You knew that too)
  3. I require much more sleep to function now than I did two years ago and it makes me sad because it’s like I can actually feel myself aging.
  4. I use a paper planner (on an academic calendar) and write everything I do in it. If I do something I haven’t written down, I’ll have to write it in and cross it off. Holy Type A, Batman.
  5. I will meet Tina Fey one day (in the most non-stalkerish way that could be said). But really, I will.
  6. Even though I’m not important and am basically poor, I’ve put far too much serious thought into hiring an assistant to schedule appointments, send out birthday cards to family/friends, clean my apartment, things of that nature.
  7. I wish I could watch more TV without it taking time out of my day. I love TV and could easily make a career out of watching it.
  8. I drink coffee every single day. I worked at a coffee shop for three years in college and it wrecked my caffeine tolerance forever.
  9. I’m usually cold.
  10. I hate showering. I do it, though. Against my will.