Lists, Loves & Links

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Happy Friday! How can it simultaneously feel like this has been the world’s longest week, yet I’ve somehow accomplished so little? All signs, yet again, point to me overcommitting myself. But that’s no one’s problem but my own. Switching topics; here are some of my favorite things around the inter nets this week:


Lists, Loves & Links

TGIW. From my local bodega guy verifying I was over the age of 18 to buy alcohol (what?) to being a reluctant third wheel on a first date 15 feet away from my bed, I’m seriously ready for a “weekend.” Even if my weekend does fall on Thursday/Friday. Regardless, here are some fun articles (mostly about the GGs… sorry I’m not) that have kept me entertained this week!

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The end. Enjoy the rest of your work-week, humans!

Lists, Loves & Links: Entertainment Edition

It’s Wednesday! Which is actually the Friday of my workweek and I’m very much looking forward to utilizing my “weekend” now that I’m finally starting to feel like a mostly formed human again *knocks on wood*. Anyways, today’s list of mid-week links I love all share one popular theme. Any guesses?

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Lists, Loves & Links

My motto until “Christmas break” as I’m calling it is “if Lena Dunham can get through dating a man who wears fedoras, I can make it to 2014.” That’s where my life feels like it’s at right now, so go ahead, judge.

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Here are some of my favorite things circling the web this week:

Lazy Links Wednesday

lists loves and links smallerBlerg, it’s late — here’s just a few links to wrap up your Wednesday:

Something better in store for tomorrow. Promise.

Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smallerI’m still in the process of getting used to my new work schedule, so I spent the greater part of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. You can imaging my confusion when I didn’t see my mom post her weekly “hump day” status on Facebook. Something to look forward to later this morning, I guess. Regardless, here are some links I’ve been enjoying this week.

  • 18 foods that are allegedly the best NYC has to offer. If I don’t get Artichoke pizza by the week’s end, I may spontaneously combust.
  • Only the fiercest selfie/photo-bomb combo of all time.
  • In the holiday spirit, in case you have nothing to do today and/or tomorrow, here are Lauren Conrad’s favorite Halloween flicks.
  • In the [lesser-known, but still equally important] OTHER holiday spirit, yesterday was National Cat Day. They deserve it.
  • And last but not least, here’s a fantastic article [aimed at women] about things you should never say in the workplace in order to be more assertive and viewed as an equal. It’s a little controversial, but it definitely was an eye-opener for me.

Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smallerLinks, links, links!

  • Are selfies art? Apparently, they will be one day.
  • Then and now, cast reunions from select TV series’. Did you favorite show make the list?
  • While I can’t relate to everything on this list, acting ladylike is a definite stretch for me some days.
  • Speaking of ladies, these are some pretty upsetting screenshots showing how prevalent sexism is in our culture, worldwide.
  • And lastly, because pop culture is fun, here are some low-key celeb couples you may not know are dating. I obviously knew about Nick Kroll + Amy because we’re besties, but just incase you didn’t… ;)

Lists, Loves & Links: LATE Edition Because I’m the Worst

lists loves and links smallerI’ve been super busy with work things and life things, so I apologize for today’s very late in the day post. But alas, here are some links that have been keeping me from drowning into a deep, dark hole of a person this week:

  • I’m sure you’ve heard, but in this week’s Tina & Amy news: TWO MORE YEARS! TWO MORE YEARS. Gah. Tina & Amy: all day, everyday. Forever and ever, Amen.
  • Beer popularity in America. I find it hard to believe that New York isn’t one of the top drinking states.
  • For my fellow Parks & Rec fans, here’s the best Ron Swansonisms of the show.
  • Anthony Hopkins on Jesus Bryan Cranston & Breaking Bad’s stellar cast. My friend and I still regularly text as Jesse and Walt. It’s kind of pathetic amazing.

A few other fun facts in a listy format:

  • My building’s boiler has been out of commission for THREE DAYS. No hot water = no showering. So there’s that.
  • I think I may be in a serious relationship with carbs. It started as a joke, but I actually cant stop eating/drinking/thinking about them.
  • I have a business cell phone now — which, I know — #important. I’ve had the thing three days and have already managed to text a selfie to a number I thought was my personal line. Obviously, I don’t know my own phone number. Again for emphasis — #important

Basically, I’m the worst.

Columbus Day Blues

Happy Columbus Day! While many believe today’s holiday is for celebrating the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas, I know the true meaning: to commemorate the great city that is Columbus, Ohio. ;)

Although I didn’t exactly grow up in C-bus, my small hometown was a little under an hour away, so when describing where I’m from, it’s usually my default answer. Once my friends and I were of age to drive, we jetted South as often as we could and spent many weekends and summers in various Columbus neighborhoods, to add some kind of urban flair to our lives. To show my respect for the great capital of the Buckeye State, I’m going to make a list of the things I miss most about my almost home-city, Columbus.

  1. Easton Town Center. Especially around the holidays. I loved it even when I worked there :)
  2. Gallery Hopping in the Short North
  3. Shakespeare in Schiller Park
  4. Bento Go Go. (Cheap and amazing sushi which allegedly and sadly is no more.) I really just miss it because my friends and I posed in pictures like this there:
Bangs were a bad life choice.
Bangs were a bad life decision.

5.  Jeni’s. How do I get my hands on some Cinderella Pumpkin ice cream, stat?
6.  OSU Football. Duh.
7.  Comfest: the best hippie festival in the state.
8.  The Columbus Zoo
9.  North Market
10.  And because I’m a huge cheese-ball, the last but certainly not least thing on my list is all of my family and friends who live there. I’m definitely feeling more homesick than normal for central Ohio today. :(

This is the Government Shutdown (of Ultimate Destiny)

Am I the only one out there who sings “The Ultimate Showdown” in my head whenever I hear the phrase “Government Shutdown?” I’m not sure if it’s because the syllables line up, or if there’s a generous amount of prophesying happening there. Regardless, I’ll use any reason I can to resurface this gem, so you. are. welcome.

On a related note, because I know how much people LOVE when the government self-destructs, here’s a LIST of LINKS about the topic that’s inducing viral word-diarrhea of everyone’s personal political agenda as of late.

P.S. Is word-diarrhea something people say? If not, how can we make that happen?