31 ’til 25

There’s one month left until I turn 25. Thirty-one days separate me from being a mid-twenty year old. I know that age is just a number, but it still presses on my mind. Is there anything I still want to accomplish in this era of my life? Are there any last wild oats I should focus on sewing? The past six months or so have brought a lot of changes into my life. A number of my good friends have made huge life decisions (engagements, moving away from NYC, starting families, etc.); what should the next year or five or ten of my life bring?

To be frank, I don’t know. And in a large sense, I don’t care. In the past few months, since I’ve started my new job (side note: I have a new job!), I’ve been focusing a lot less on what others are doing, and a lot more on controlling the things I can control – what I should have started doing a long, long time ago. I can only control my actions, my reactions, my timeline — comparing myself to others is never going to get me ahead, or even further in my own path. Only by challenging myself every single day, will I see growth. Accompanying this new job has been a much more grateful attitude towards life – almost YOLO-like, if you will, and I’m much happier and more thankful as a result.

I think plan to live the next 31 days of my life in a similar fashion to my past 31 days: laughing a lot, learning a ton, and saying YOLO more times per day than a 19-year-old. After all, age IS just a number.



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