Hello, 2014.

Happy 2014 to you! Can you believe this is the year Mean Girls turns 10 AND FRIENDS TURNS 20?! It’s 2014 and this is where my head is. I’m blaming it on my cold. I digress.

This morning I woke up in a mansion in the Hamptons and I couldn’t be more grateful or confused. I either had a lovely party with friends here last night or the NyQuil gods now own my body. Either way, I’m feeling pretty good. I hope all of my readers had a wonderful, safe time ringing in the New Year as well. I’m so thankful you’ve already stopped by to check on LGBA in 2014. I hope you enjoy this day of new beginnings with your dearest friends and family. I’m going to relish in my last few hours away from the city, and I’ll be back full-swing tomorrow.

Hello 2014


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