Little Miss Woods Comma Elle

Like any proper Elle Woods aficionado, when I first found out I was summoned for jury duty, I was ecstatic. “A real live New York City court room,” I thought, “I’m going to Peggy Sawyer this bitch. My hot pink pant suit and I will be plucked straight from the chorus of boring drones in the jury box to sit front and center at the council bench. My passion for social authority and delivering justice will shine through my courtroom-virginal eyes. ‘Education be damned!’ the judge will shout as he immediately christen me ‘Hillary Junior’ and lets me take the stage, to legislate and jurisdict until the cows come home.”

…And then I googled jury duty. …And then I remembered practicing law in an actual courtroom probably isn’t as exciting as pretending to do it on the silver screen or a Broadway stage. …And then I wondered if it was Elle Woods I always identified with, or if it was just Reese Witherspoon all this time?!

In other words: I think too much, I have jury duty today, and I returned the hot pink pant suit. I feel like being summoned for jury duty (and actually going) is a very adult thing to do. Here’s to hoping if I get chosen for the trial, it doesn’t last forever and I can make it home for the holidays. I don’t leave for a week, but I think it’s already been established here that I have an over-thinking/over-analyzing issue. Maybe I’d make a good lawyer after all. ;)

Corthouse2 Corthouse1

:Edited to add: Jury duty got pushed back to accomodate holiday travel plans! Looks like I can postpone being a real person a little while longer. Whew.


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