Giving [Concise] Thanks

Of course, I’m thankful for many things. Everyone is, I’d assume. I’d prefer not to post something each day throughout the entire month of November because IMO, that’s obnoxious, stupid and typically boring. Surely there are people out there who think the content I post on my social media accounts can be obnoxious, stupid and boring as well. Que sera sera; everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

As stated, I’m thankful for many things. With Turkey Day just around the corner, here are the select few I deem appropriate to highlight and share with the general public.

I’m thankful for…

  • Starbucks’ Christmas Blend. Enough said.
  • The MTA. Even when I hate it. Even when it holds me underground for 75 minutes without explanation thus making me increasingly late to wherever I was going and was most likely going to be a little bit late already anyways. MTA, you surely have more crazies and utter insanity to deal with than I on a daily basis, so I respect and am thankful for you, MTA. And when you’re on schedule and you have a car that doesn’t smell like piss, I could actually probably marry you.
  • Moments where you and your coworkers break out into song. Usually accompanied by dance moves. And usually to Ace of Base. When you see the sign, you see the sign.
  • My neighborhood dry-cleaners. The man and the woman. I realize as I type this that I am a terrible person because I do not know their names but they surely know mine. Every time I’m walking down my street and the girl runs to the door to say “Hiiii MinDEE!”, it completely makes my day. Not only do these kids literally deal with my dirty laundry, but I’m convinced they’re the nicest people in New York City.
  • The NYJL and the work they put into making the community a better place. I’m so fortunate to be an active member, and I love that there are so many professionals in New York City who choose to donate their time and money each week to such a respected organization.
  • Space heaters. Because NYC, I cannot right now.
  • Good friends/family. These are a lot harder to come by than I realized as a kid growing up in the Midwest. When you meet someone have a good connection, it just makes you appreciate it all the more. I relish all of my friendships, but I absolutely love that I talk to more than a handful of the people/family with whom I grew up with on a very regular basis.
  • And of course, my readers. Thank YOU for taking the time out of your day (or week, or month, or how every often you pop over) to read my crazy thoughts on insights on nothingism. I love sharing with you my little, strange part of the world, and I hope, at the very least, you leave with  a smile on your face.

Due to an impromptu holiday visit from one of my best friends, I’ll be taking the rest of the week off (from both work and blogging) to enjoy her company and secretly try to get her fat off of turkey. Have a lovely holiday, everyone! See ya next week.


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