Lists, Loves & Links: LATE Edition Because I’m the Worst

lists loves and links smallerI’ve been super busy with work things and life things, so I apologize for today’s very late in the day post. But alas, here are some links that have been keeping me from drowning into a deep, dark hole of a person this week:

  • I’m sure you’ve heard, but in this week’s Tina & Amy news: TWO MORE YEARS! TWO MORE YEARS. Gah. Tina & Amy: all day, everyday. Forever and ever, Amen.
  • Beer popularity in America. I find it hard to believe that New York isn’t one of the top drinking states.
  • For my fellow Parks & Rec fans, here’s the best Ron Swansonisms of the show.
  • Anthony Hopkins on Jesus Bryan Cranston & Breaking Bad’s stellar cast. My friend and I still regularly text as Jesse and Walt. It’s kind of pathetic amazing.

A few other fun facts in a listy format:

  • My building’s boiler has been out of commission for THREE DAYS. No hot water = no showering. So there’s that.
  • I think I may be in a serious relationship with carbs. It started as a joke, but I actually cant stop eating/drinking/thinking about them.
  • I have a business cell phone now — which, I know — #important. I’ve had the thing three days and have already managed to text a selfie to a number I thought was my personal line. Obviously, I don’t know my own phone number. Again for emphasis — #important

Basically, I’m the worst.


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