Lists, Loves & Links

lists loves and links smallerWelcome to my very first “Lists, loves and links”! For my foremost post in this series, I’m going to create a list of links I’ve been loving this week. (You see what I did there?)

  • If you’re anything like me and live in a pop-culture retardant hole (Nope? No one? K.), but the at the very last-minute you care more than anything about a TV show that’s been for five seasons and has two episodes left to air, I guess you should read this. [Aka the writer’s break down Sunday’s CRAZY episode of Breaking Bad. SPOILERS INCLUDED, obviously]
  • New Yorkers are nothing if they’re not short-tempered. Each and everything on this list, I curse at almost daily. AND I’ve only been living here two years and currently spend most of my time in Westchester. So yes, I’d say this is accurate.
  • In honor of my girl Amy’s birthday this past Monday, here are 21 ways I (and maybe you!) are exactly like Leslie Knope! (P.S. ONE WEEK, Parks fans!)
  • With autumn making its official debut this Sunday, nothing better to welcome the season than with some cute, new booties! I’m not crazy about them all, but the McQueen two-toned ankles on slide seven? I diiiie.
  • In a bit more serious fashion, here’s an interesting article on the strikingly high likelihood of NYC runaways turning to prostitution to help get them off the streets. The organization I volunteer at is mentioned, and it just goes to further document the need these girls have for life skills workshops and mentoring that we do there.
  • Lastly, I made a polyvore. Follow or friend or like me. If you want. Or whatever.

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