Tonight, On Yahoo

I had a really good night tonight — listening to Heart’s “Alone” on repeat, petting my cat, and losing approximately three pounds in water weight….from all the crying.

Just kidding though, you guys know I don’t have a cat in the city.


Some five-years-too-late thought bullets:

  • Things you understand later in life: Emo girls get the guy. Or maybe get pregnant by grade 11. Or BOTH? (Who says you can’t have it all?)
  • Things you understand later in life part two: Having your arch nemesis like you, is actually really hot.
  • I’m technically in 18th grade (yuck) at this point, and I don’t think I’ve ever  grinded with a [straight] guy at a dance either.
  • Sad songs are overrated. Every time you feel low, buy a cat (or a BABY). Misery loves company!
  • If Xanga still existed, all insecurities would have been solved by a simple poll page: “What do you think I am? A)Pretty B)Sexy C)Beautiful D)All of the Above!”
  • For more musings on cats, crying and fishing for compliments, follow @mandysmyers

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