New: Hair, House and Parks and Rec

Well, hey there! I finally have rejoined the blogging world. Sorry about the last post semi-troubling, ultra-confusing time where I clumped a lot of words together and threw them at you. Saying that I was in the midst of a premature quarter life crisis would be putting it lightly. So I took some time off, went to Ohio, assessed and overanalyzed a lot of things, and came back to New York with a new haircut, a working phone and the most optimistic outlook on life I’ve had since 1994, when jamming to the Spice Girls solved all of my problems. (Note: Jamming to the Spice Girls still solves 98% of my problems.)

Hair is new, stupid awkward facial expressions are the same as ever

So anyways, outside of the physical appearances, some other things have changed too. Namely, I’ve been officially sorted into the Slytherin house. Back in 2006, I was sorted by the “official sorting hat” they used in the movie into Hufflepuff, but a l’ve changed a lot in the past seven years, so it doesn’t surprise me that my new sorting via Pottermore turned out differently. Although a genuine surprise at first, I later read that Slytherin houses ambitious, loyal leaders–so sure,why not? I also kind of like that it’s associated with dark wizardry (read: that’s hot). AND I get to live in a dungeon (read: swag). AND our color is green (read: I look badass in green). So overall, it makes sense. Gryffindor, you are going down!

In other news, Parks and Recreation was new on Thursday night! I literally laughed out loud multiple times per minute. The writing on that show is dead-on, and if you have never seen it, you must hate everything good in life. There are three things in this world I would happily endorse basically take a bullet for: the Parks and Recreation show (not to be confused with the actual Parks and Recreation department),, and the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. I’ve actually never used the juicer, but I’ve heard really great things (from the infomercial I’m watching). Anyways, if you do one thing today besides eat, pee and read this post, it should be to watch Parks and Recreation. DO IT NOW.

Outside of my hair, Hogwarts house change and the Parks and Recreation episode, I don’t have too much new  to report on. That also might have something to do with the fact it’s four in the morning, and I have been working every second since returning from my “vacation” home. More updates to come soon, but for now, my bed needs me. Goodnight!


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