Living in Harlem with Boys

Well, my number of days of living with the boys in Harlem are dwindling. As much as I’m looking forward to many new adventures and friendships in the Heights, I can’t deny there are ample things I will miss about living in my first, small box room in New York, and the people I shared it with.

I present: A countdown list of the top ten things I will miss about my fabulous roommates.

10) Accidental family dinners of $5 Chinese from the “Jesus is my boss” lady and beers from Nadals because we had the same idea when coming home from work.

9) That little noise all of your phones make when you receive a message on Grindr. Relatedly, I will also miss hearing about Grindr. I might have to get one myself so I can stay in the loop.

8) Beyoncé/Kelly Clarkson shower time.

7) Embracing the multicultural theme and running with it. Free to be, you and me! Except Jeff (because he’s black).

6) The smell of Nathan making rice at 10 in the morning. I had no idea that Asians didn’t eat normal breakfast food until I met him.

5) Steven shouting the phrase “Are you Cherokee or ya Sioux” when he sees me.

4) Steven shouting the phrase “Susan Miranda!” when he sees me.

3) Steven shouting. Just all the time. Whether he sees me or not. He is loud and proud and I will miss his caring voice every time I enter the new apartment.

2) Throwing sticky-padded rats out of our kitchen window and watching them fall to their death.

1) Three words: Tall. Boy. Nation. Girls won’t let me kill my liver with 600 calories worth of beer each night. Bless you for allowing me to do that, and making me feel like I really was ‘one of the gays’ of 534. This apartment and you three will always be my first home in the city! Thanks for that, and so much more. Love you all :)


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