Sexual Sunday: Tatted Up

Happy Sexual Sunday to you all! A huge thanks for all of the Little Girl &the Big Apple visitors over the weekend. Turns out actually promoting/advertising the blog actually gains a decent readership? Marketing, y’all. Anyways, as one of my resolutions/goals of 2012 is to get my second tat (and let’s be real–I don’t waste any time accomplishing goals when I have them written down), I’ve been having a lot of ink talk with friends lately. I thought for this Sunday’s post, I would show you guys some of my favorite photos of some really original and awesome tats. P.S. I think sleeves are the sexiest thing in existence and if I was anywhere near badass enough and/or ripped enough, I would acquire some in a heartbeat. Somewhere my parents are praising the Lord that I lack aforementioned qualities, as I gently weep at my computer screen *le sigh*

So I’ve been thinking… Location: upper inside of my left arm. Phrase: with passion. Font: courier. Thoughts or feedback? It’s far from finalized and I’m definitely open to any and all ideas, so don’t be shy with suggestions!


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