Sometimes I’m Bad at Blogging

So, after hyping my tens of readers up for my Things I Don’t Understand Tuesday and Why I Love New York Wednesday posts, I sit at my kitchen table typing this now at 1:35am on the morning of Thursday–womp, womp. It’s no coincidence I chose Tuesday and Wednesday as my two weekday blogs–that is my “weekend” in the cray world of retail. However, I ended up working Tues. and thus had to cram all of my weekly errands into today, which unfortunately didn’t permit enough time to blog. While I am going to postpone the first TIDUT post to next Tuesday (*cough* it’s going to be about Dubstep *cough*), I will go ahead and dive unto the first WILNYW post a little belatedly!

Today, I love New York because I attended two free writing classes courtesy of Gotham Writers tonight! Few opportunities to learn at no cost from people who are actually successful in their industries exist in Ohio for journalism. The classes I took were each an hour long, and while not necessary the specific avenues of writing I am interested in pursuing (well, one was and one wasn’t), they were both very informative and the teachers both had a ton of industry experience! Overall, I was really pleased with the classes and (as cheesy as it sounds) proud of myself to get out of my comfort zone and learn a little more about a few other avenues of writing.

There are so many free things in the city to take advantage of, and I definitely want to start making the most of my free time to explore all this city has to offer. Especially if said events happen to be in my field of interest (!!)

Added WILNYW bonus (since I kind of sucked at keeping my word this week): here are some crappy quality cell pics I’ve taken since moving here in August. Even though I live here now, I think I’ll always be a little touristy when it comes to NYC-ish things.

Brownstones in Harlem
Grand Central at Night
Financial District from a Ferry
The GWB from Fort Tryon Park
SoHo Graffiti
Rockefeller Center Tree at Christmastime

One thought on “Sometimes I’m Bad at Blogging

  1. Some of these pics make me miss summer! You also have made me want to do more free things in NYC…. drinking costs too much money!

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