Stealing Ideas from Lauren Conrad

So Lauren Conrad’s blog has “Tuesday Ten” and “Friday Favorites” weekly postings. I think this idea is smart, because it not only gives readers an idea of what to expect, but also motivates the writer to post regularly, and gets said writer brainstorming all week long of ideas to write that fit in the daily themes.

Since I can’t blatantly steal LC’s ideas, I’m going with a few themes that are a bit more true to my needs of this blog. So everyone, get ready for Things I Don’t Understand Tuesdays, Why I Love NYC Wednesdays, Fashionable Fridays and Sexual Sundays! From now on, Tuesday’s blogging topic will be devoted to things I want to research and explore in more detail than what I already know about them (i.e. Rick Santorum or Canada); Wednesday will remind you (and me!) of why I live with the crazies in this tough city; Friday’s posting will be something to do with what is happening in the fashion world (as it is my career–and I should be current on this anyway); and Sunday’s post will not always be “sexual” in nature, but will be something I find trendy or interesting or maybe even inspiring for the week. I really just like the word ‘sexual’ and try to use it as much as I can in everyday conversation–so no worries to my religious readers, Sunday is and will always be God’s day.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Our very first Sexual Sunday post comin’ atcha in t-minus 48 hours! Deuces.


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