2012 Resolutions

Okay, I lied. After having some time to think about this I have decided I would like to publicly document my goals for year, as we all know goal-setting should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Timely– thanks, UD!). Here goes:

1. Professional Goal: Get a promotion in my field. I have worked retail since I was 16, have management training with the company I want to work for and have plenty of business/leadership experience. If I don’t earn a promotion this year, it will be because I haven’t been proactive/aggressive enough–which totally falls on me.

2. Professional Goal #2: Start freelancing/figure out how to freelance. I think my mini-goals that fall under this category are to really build up my portfolio/this blog, network like crazy, and take some classes. All things I have in the works, so we’re off to a good start here!

3. Fitness Goal: Work on abs. Just work the ish out of my abs this year. Everything else I am content with, but abs is where I get lazy. No more laziness and flabby stomach in 2012.

4. Educational Goal: Read the news every day. Stay current on current events. Broaden my range of “scholarly sources” (i.e. Perez Hilton is great for pop culture, but not the most accurate or objective for politics or global news).

5. Personal Goal: Find a church in the city. Which, believe it or not, requires both researching and actually going to mass.

6. Personal Goal #2: Figure out what I want my next tattoo to say and get said tattoo. I have ideas floating around, but want to settle on something sooner rather than later. The location and font are both perfect, I just need the ideal word to put there.

I think that having them both in writing (well, in typing) and  saving them to a location that will be easy to locate on NYE 2012/13, is smart. That way, they will be easy to check up on and document progression in 12 months from now. SO MUCH can happen in a year, and I think setting SMART goals can really help you optimize whatever it is you want to achieve. Cheers!


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