I Just Came to Say Hello

Hello and welcome! Not only to the beginning of my blog, but also to the year 2012. I elected to spend my first New Years Eve in New York, at home in my little Harlem apartment, reflecting on 2011 and making some goals for 2012. I sincerely hope the rest of my blog isn’t this lame. ;)

2011 was a big one: I graduated college, strengthened old friendships, traveled to New York/Daytona Beach/LA, had a very Ohio summer with a best friend, was asked to be a bridesmaid in another best friend’s wedding, survived a hurricane, got a lot closer with my parents, and moved to NYC. However, I also lost my brother to a long fight with cancer, in a big way lost my sister, and have already lost touch with many people from Ohio due to the simple yet impossible issues of space and time.

I have set many, many goals for 2012, and while I won’t go deep into detail about them all–most are career related to some degree or another. I think moving to New York was the first step of many in figuring out what I want out of life, and now is time for me to start really utilizing everything this city has to offer. I firmly believe that no other city in the world offers as much opportunity than here in the Big Apple, and to not take total advantage of it is a mistake I don’t want to make.

As stated in the “About” section, I intend to use this blog to showcase all of the fun opportunities and interesting musings I find on my new life in the city. In the beginning hours of the year, I can say I am optimistic about what is in store. Happy New Year, everyone!


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